Colic is the intermittent crying severally of a healthy, full child. Such crying normally lasts a couple of hours daily and occurs at least thrice weekly. It is common when your baby attains the age of between two and three weeks and does not last past six months. Air trapped in the baby’s abdominal cavity is thought to cause discomfort and pain leading to colic. Colic is distressing to both the parents and the baby. Handling this situation in a few weeks is possible.

Home remedies for alleviating colic in your baby


This herb is also useful when it comes to treating colic. It contains eugenol that is antispasmodic in nature and possesses sedative properties. These elements of basil make it useful in easing discomfort of the baby’s stomach. Add dried leaves of basil to boiling water and cover to steep for a few minutes. Give your baby two teaspoons daily. You can also make a paste from ground basil leaves and apply it around the baby’s navel.

Warm bath

A warm bath for your baby during colic times will help a big deal. It will soothe the baby and help them get distracted from the pain and even sleep at times. Fill your bathtub with some warm water and bathe your baby in it while massaging the baby gently. Dry your baby them rock gently to sleep

Knee pushing exercise

Gentle exercise is always very essential for the baby because it ensures smooth digestion. Knees pushing exercise, in particular, can help with colic in your baby. Make the baby lie and hold the knees gently. Bend, the baby’s legs, slowly at the knees while pushing them towards the tummy. Repeat this severally daily to cure colic.


This is another remedy for colic in your baby. Asafetida is an anti-flatulent, and this makes it aid gas relieve and digestion in babies as well. Adding a pinch of its powder to water and heating then using the solution to rub your baby around the navel give best results.


Due to its anti-spasmpeppermintscdvgfhjklkjnhdbvscdvfbngvmodic properties, it helps with digestive conditions in babies and infants. Mixing peppermint oil with baby’s oil and using it to massage the baby gently around the abdominal area eases colic.

Colic can be very irritating and disturbing to parents. Parent often suffer postpartum depression during this time. Mothers may even suffer from breastfeeding problems hence it should be addressed as soon as it is noticed using these tips.