Foods To Avoid When Sick

Whenever an illness attacks your body, food will rarely be the top most thing in your head, getting well is. This is often so because whenever an illness shows up in your body, your appetite takes leave. But still, your body will need fuel regarding food, so you will have to eat something eventually if you want to get back to your old robust feel-good state. Unfortunately, some foods will make you feel bad, so you will need to avoid them.

Foods to avoid to get better faster

Crunchy snackscrunchyfoodsfsdghfjtgkyhlupoyituryet

You will want to keep away from snacks like potato crisps or even crunchy toast and such like snacks if you have a sore throat or a cough. The abrasive texture of these snacks will irritate your throat, make you uncomfortable, and make your healing process longer. You do not want to prolong your misery so stay away from that bag of granola until you feel better.

Refined sugars

It is worth noting that snacking on sugar products like cookies, cakes, and candy makes your immune system weaker. The reason is refined sugar can suppress the ability of your white blood cells to fight off bacteria temporarily. It gets even worse if you have an upset stomach. Sugar can lead to watery stools and diarrhea because sugar tends to suck fluid from the digestive tract.

Fast foods and processed food

High processed food are mostly void of any nutritional value, so they will hardly nourish your ailing body in the manner that you require. Again, these foods mostly from genetically modified foods contain some ingredients which are immune suppressing such as MSG, FD & C Red, fructose corn syrup, artificial colors among others. These foods add less value to your body that needs strength to snap back to its normal. Another downside to the fast foods is that they are spicy. The spices in those foods may irritate your nasal passages because of your compromised immune system and make your nose run. Spicy foods also raise your body temperature

Fried foods

When you are sick, it wfriedfoodsasgdfhjklpytroeiwuygfegrhill be in your best interest to stay away from fried and fatty foods. High-fat foods will produce inflammation; inflammation will make your immune system less active. A weak immune system will make you even more susceptible to catching other infections. Fatty foods also take longer in moving through your digestive system, which can make you nauseous and ever trigger acid reflux.

Keep off these four foods when you are sick, and your journey to regaining your health will be shorter and bearable.


How To Naturally Reduce Your Body Heat

Body heat is a health condition that commonly occurs when you are exposed to high temperatures. In such situations, the body cannot cool itself to keep its temperature within the normal range. Your body will tend to cool through sweating which may not be sufficient hence the temperature will keep rising. This can lead to dizziness, nausea, dehydration and muscles cramps.

Ways to reduce your body temperature at home

Aloe veraaloeveradfghjghfgdfsdghfjgbnvhdsn

This is a popular remedy for reducing your body heat. Aloe vera has both cooling and soothing properties that help in maintaining the normal temperature of your body. Rub fresh aloe vera gel all over your body then leave it on for half an hour. Take a bath after that. Repeat this daily until your body temperature is normal. Drinking a glass of aloe vera juice made of two tablespoons also works effectively.

Indian gooseberry

Commonly known as amla, Indian gooseberry is a very rich source of vitamin C and helps in reducing the body heat. Add a little sugar to amla juice and drink two times every day to help prevent heat stress. You can also mix this juice with raw honey and lemon then drink the mixture when your stomach is empty in the morning.

Poppy seeds

Opium is their commonly known name. Poppy seeds give your body a cooling effect hence regulates the temperature of your body. Crush some poppy seeds and mix with sugar. Take this mixture once a day to avoid excessive body heat. Another option is to eat some seeds before sleeping.


Buttermilk is also a useful home remedy for reducing your body heat. It helps women with hot flushes as well men with a high metabolism. Besides this it provides essentials minerals for the body that you lose when sweating. Drinking one glass o buttermilk as part of your breakfast keeps your body cool all day long.


Watermelon helps to quickly watermwlonedsfghjhfdsaghsjdjfgbnfdmsregulate heat loss because of its water content that is high. It is also a potential detoxifier which helps with removing toxins from your body. These harmful toxins can contribute to heat stress. Eating watermelons more so during summer keeps your body hydrated.

Body heat is just a condition but should be taken serious since if it is not treated in due course, it may lead to heatstroke. Nursing and pregnant, older adults and young kids are more susceptible to body heat. Take the right step and make use of these simple remedies.